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Next Dive In Movie - :ego Batman Movie

Waves information fo the next Dive in movie is below!  Enjoy!


Dive-In Movie

  • Movie - Lego Batman
  • Location -...   more
 posted by: Heather Monroe on 7/3/17 6:24 PM
WAVES in tomorrows parade



Waves if you and your family would like to participate in tomorrows Fourth of July Parade please...   more
July 4 Waiver

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 7/3/17 6:14 PM
Trinity/ Ponderosa Results and THE RIBBON BOX

Good evening Waves!  What a great 2017 season!  I can't believe it is over.  Congrats to all of our Waves swimmers and their families...   more
2017 Trinity Results

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/28/17 8:54 PM
Ponderosa and Trinity check in Warm Ups - PLEASE READ

Trinity swimmers -

Saturday and Sunday - check in with Lindsay and Keeley is 6:00-6:25.  They will be standing at the drop off,...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/23/17 3:59 PM
Trinity Heat Sheets NOW!

From Trinity Event Organizers



This year, the Trinity team has arranged an online purchase service for this weekend's...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/23/17 3:17 PM
Team NewsAll News...  
TRINITY Meet Information, Entries and Relays

Here is the Trinity meet information one more time and all of the Trinity entries for Saturday and Sunday.  Keep in mind if you do not attend for...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/22/17 1:18 PM

Dear Trinity swimmers and families thank you for your patience regarding Trinity information while I dealt with a family matter earlier this week. In...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/22/17 12:56 PM
Ponderosa Information

Swimmers and Parents below is the warm up assignments and timeline for Ponderosa.  Please check in with Coach Spoon and/or Coach Stephen at least 20...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/22/17 8:39 AM
Trinity Relays posted

Here are relays for Saturday ( 10 and under) and Sunday (11 and up) for Trinity Invitational.  More detailed information regarding Trinity including...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/20/17 11:03 AM
Divisionals Information - Please Read -

Good evening Waves.  We have several positions we need filled for tomorrow and we cannot start or run the meet without these being filled. ...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/16/17 9:53 PM
psych sheet and heat sheet for divisionals

Team below is the psych sheet and heat sheet for divisionals.  Please print a heat sheet from here if you would like to have one at the meet...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/15/17 6:50 PM
Team Party and Invitationals

Our team party is THIS MONDAY EVENING, June 19th at Rob Fleming Aquatic Center 5:30-9:00.  All swimmers and  their families are invited to celebrate...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/15/17 1:57 PM
Divisional Relays Posted

Divisional Relays are posted on our home page and are located in the link in this email.  If your swimmer is in a relay please put forth every effort...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/15/17 1:40 PM
Waves: Volunteering and More!

Good afternoon Waves families!  We are almost to the end of the season and I want to THANK YOU for your positive attitudes and commitment to...   more

 posted by: Angie Demarco on 6/15/17 1:07 PM
TAAF Swim Team

If you would like to continue swimming this summer consider our TAAF program. TAAF is for all our swimmers.  TAAF season is 6/26-7/26.  There...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/13/17 3:11 PM
Divisionals (duplicate email if you have already received)

Good Afternoon Waves!  Congratulations on a great last dual meet.  Hopefully by now you all have heard we beat the Marlins 960-470.  Now...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/13/17 2:45 PM

Good Afternoon Waves!  Congratulations on a great last dual meet.  Hopefully by now you all have heard we beat the Marlins 960-470.  Now...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/13/17 2:41 PM

Good afternoon Waves.  Tomorrow is our last dual meet of the season.  Next week we will be preparing for divisionals and invitationals.  Look...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/9/17 1:32 PM
WLW at Sizzler

Congrats to the following swimmers who brought home a second place trophy in the small team division at Sprint Sizzler Sunday and Monday!!!! It was...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/8/17 6:40 PM
Waves: Volunteer Opportunities for YOU!

Good afternoon Waves families!  The sun is shining and the humidity isn’t unbearable.  Win, win!

It’s that time of the week...   more

 posted by: Angie Demarco on 6/8/17 10:06 AM
what is that *

Wondering what the * is by your swimmers time?  It's converted times from meters - most likely from the Shenandoah pool. Don't forget...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/6/17 8:30 AM

Short cut to heat sheet for tomorrow.


...   more
 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/2/17 11:02 AM

Good Morning Waves.  Below you will see instructions and guidelines for tomorrows meet.  I want to again compliment all of our Waves swimmers...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/2/17 9:42 AM
Waves: Volunteer Opportunities for YOU

**Our electric keeps going out in my neighborhood, so I'm resending in case some didn't receive.**

Good morning Waves families! ...   more

 posted by: Angie Demarco on 6/1/17 8:19 AM
Waves: Volunteer Opportunities for YOU

Good morning Waves families!!

I want to invite you to VOLUNTEER for our meet this weekend.  It’s an 8 lane pool, which means more Timers...   more

 posted by: Angie Demarco on 6/1/17 7:14 AM
WAVES - This week -

Good morning Waves families.  I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend celebrating and honoring our service men, women and their families.  I...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/30/17 9:10 AM
Summer Practice Schedule


Waves Practice Schedule is as follows.  For now, practices will not be combined.

June 2nd -

10 and unders will practice 6-7pm

11...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/27/17 4:52 PM

Good afternoon Waves swimmers and families!  Tomorrow our second home meet is against the Spring Cypress Stingrays.  Looking...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/26/17 11:24 AM
Sprint Sizzler

Waves, if you have signed up for Sprint Sizzler Invitational for June 4th and 5th please notify me as soon as possible . There is a binder at...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/26/17 10:47 AM
IMPORTANT- from Glenn Bricken Head Official

Waves - please read the following email sent to me over the weekend from our head official.  Thanks in advance 


Please thank...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/23/17 10:58 AM
Tomorrow's meet information

Good after(HOT AND HUMID)noon Waves!  We are looking forward to a great meet tomorrow against the Shenandoah Sharks!  A few things you need...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/19/17 11:32 AM

Good morning again Waves families.  Below are a few important notes and remiders.  I have tried to be brief, although there is quite a bit to cover. I...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/18/17 9:22 AM
Directions/Set Up for Saturday's Meet

Good morning Waves Families!  Below are directions to the Shenandoah Pool.  There are also instructions about parking and set up.  Please...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/18/17 8:12 AM
Waves: Volunteer Opportunities

Good afternoon Waves families!

I want to invite you to VOLUNTEER for our amazing team.  There are many ways to help out, and throughout the...   more

 posted by: Angie Demarco on 5/17/17 2:33 PM
Few Spirit Wear Items Available

Waves Families,

Thank you for your support of Waves gear, it's great to see the pool full of Red on Saturday's!

Unfortunately, I came...   more

 posted by: Stevi Venable on 5/16/17 3:27 PM
Pictures 7 AM

Waves sorry for the late email.  As mentioned before, team pictures will be at 7 am.  Check in with your coaches 6:30-6:50.  You...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/12/17 8:14 PM
Registration for next meet

Good afternoon team.  If you are trying to register your kids for this weekends meet and are seeing a NT and were not at time trials - please be...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/8/17 10:14 AM
Heat Sheets are ready and available to print

Waves families and swimmers.  Heat sheets are now ready for you to print if you would like to do so before Saturday's meet.   We do...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/4/17 11:07 PM

Good afternoon Waves swimmers and families.  Please read the following information regarding time trials and the first dual meet next Saturday...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/4/17 4:29 PM
Waves: Volunteer Opportunities

Hello Waves Families! 

My name is Angie DeMarco and I am your Volunteer Coordinator.  I want to invite you to VOLUNTEER for our amazing...   more

 posted by: Angie Demarco on 5/4/17 8:05 AM
Time Trial Sign up - Change in Practice Schedule


Good Afternoon Waves swimmers and families! A few quick notes from your coaches: This week your coaches will be focusing on all four...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/1/17 12:33 PM
Welcome to the Waves

Good morning Waves swimmers and families!  Welcome to the 2017 summer swim season.  We are so excited to meet our new families and swimmers...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 4/25/17 7:39 AM
Sunday Meet the Coaches Reminder

Good Afternoon Waves Families and Swimmers.  We are looking forward to meeting all of our new families tomorrow, and for returning swimmers who are...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 4/22/17 11:58 AM

Good Morning Waves families!  Can you believe swim season is upon us?  First day of practice is Tuesday April 25th!  Practice times are...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 4/19/17 8:25 AM
Team Suits

You can purchase this year's team suits at Swim Shops!

Female suits are $50

Male suits are $34

...   more
 posted by: Debbie Arnold on 3/27/17 2:17 PM
Time Trial Sign Up open/ Volunteer spots

Good morning Waves swimmers and families.  Two quick items:

All meets ( except mid and post season invitationals) are now on line.  You...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 2/15/17 9:41 AM
Time Trial Sign Up open/ Volunteer spots

Good Morning Waves families!  So excited to see so many of you have taken advantage of our online registration so far.  For those of you who...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 2/1/17 12:03 PM


Waves Parents,

If you would like to order a personalized swim cap for your child, please email Debbie...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 1/18/17 2:20 PM
Spirit Night Tonight Only

Spirit Night tonight only.  Thank you for your support

...   more
 posted by: Heather Monroe on 10/21/16 10:22 AM
News on swim clinics, and new for 2017

Hello Waves families.  Hope you all are getting settled into the school year and enjoying your fall. Believe it or not we are already meeting and...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 10/18/16 9:26 AM
Waves Photos

Hello Waves Families -

I hope you're all enjoying your summer. This is just a brief email to let you know that all of the photos from our five...   more

 posted by: Michelle Ebel on 7/11/16 12:27 PM

Good Evening Trinity Swimmers!  Hope you all are ready for a great weekend.  10 and unders you have a big day tomorrow and 11 and ups we will...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/24/16 5:35 PM

Good Morning Waves swimmers and families.  Trinity is fast approaching and this weekend will be lots of fun.  For swimmers and families who...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/23/16 9:17 AM
End of Season Party Tomorrow Night

Good evening Waves swimmers and families and Happy Father's Day to all our dads, grandads and of course to our very own Coach Spoon!  I cannot...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/19/16 7:24 PM

Good Evening all!  I can't believe tomorrow is the big day!  Please see items below for last minute house keeping items that are very important. ...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/17/16 8:25 PM
more Waves information

Dear Waves families:

I have a couple of updates on Divisionals and the invitational meet.

Divisionals:  we still have a few openings for volunteers and the announcer will not be shy about calling us out when we do not have our positions filled. Please don't make Angie and I beg.

Here are the openings we need to fill ASAP:

Ready Bench - need 1 in shift 1 and 2 in shift 3

Timer - need 4 in shift 3

Computer Clerk - need 1 in each shift 2 and 3

Ribbon Volunteers - need one in each shift

As of right now there is no age group volunteer for 7/8 or 11/12 boys, so parents, please plan to walk your swimmers to ready bench or while you are walking your swimmer, you can sign up and walk a few more from the team. 

Invitational Meet - Trinity and Ponderosa - The meet next weekend is an invitational meet.  The way to be invited is to swim fast!  The list of swimmer times have been at the pool this week and if your swimmer was eligible in that race the time was in green.  If you circled that race, we registered your swimmer for that stroke in the meet.  

Tomorrow at the Divisional meet is your last chance to register for Trinity or Ponderosa so stop by our check in area where the team is sitting to register.  All registrations MUST be in to us before the meet ends.  We need to write it down on the Trinity or Ponderosa list, so please do not tell us on the pool deck or in the hallway.  I promise I won't remember!

Thanks and Go Waves!



 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 6/17/16 1:33 PM
Waves - Divisionals this weekend


Date:    Saturday, June 18, 2016

Place:   Kingwood High School

             2701 Kingwood Drive

             Kingwood, TX 77339

Time:    Pool Opens:      6:30 am

First Event:       8:30 am

Check in: 6:45 am

Waves warm-ups: 7:00 – 7:25 am for most of the team, only a few lanes at 7:25 -7:50 am

Meet starts at 8:30 am

The Waves set-up: Is in the gym with Windrose. We will have signs indicating what area is ours. Remember to bring blankets, games, coolers, chairs, etc. 

Concessions: Breakfast and lunch will be available to purchase. 

Divisionals will run like a regular meet events 1-80 

There are (3) volunteer shifts:  1st Shift:  Events 1-30, 2nd Shift:  Events 31-50; 3rd Shift:   Events 51-80 

Please sign up to volunteer if you haven't done so already. There are still plenty of openings!  Our team will be called out in front of the entire division if we do not have enough volunteers!




 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 6/16/16 8:30 PM
Divisional Relays

Divisional Relays are now finalized.  If your child is listed in a relay please HAVE THEM AT THEIR AGE GROUP PRACTICE tomorrow and Friday. ...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/15/16 5:25 PM
Divisonal Meet: VOLUNTEER!

Hi Waves families!  Can you believe we are at Divisionals already?  Crazy!

Divisionals will be held in Kingwood:

Kingwood High School

2701...   more

 posted by: Angie Demarco on 6/15/16 1:30 PM
Waves Divisional Meet Saturday

Dear Waves families:

Congrats on a great season!  There were a ton of personal records set this season and now it is time for the Divisional Meet!  This will be our largest meet to date and - as always - we need your help to make it happen.  There are 5 teams swimming and each are assigned their share volunteer responsibilities and shifts. 



This meet will run like a normal meet...events 1 - 80 just like you have seen over the past two months. This is basically a supersized swim meet that has 3 shifts for volunteers instead of two.

Shift 1 = events 1-30; Shift 2 = events 31-60; Shift 3 = events 60-80

You’ll hear more from Angie on volunteers, but after you sign up your swimmer online TONIGHT, click on the volunteer button and get your selection in now. All teams must have volunteers and if you have not volunteered yet, here is your chance!  We will also send details on timing and where to set up this weekend at Kingwood High School.

I also wanted to let you know that your last chance to sign up for Trinity and Ponderosa is before the free relays at the end of Divisionals. Entries are due right away, so there are no options for late entries.

If your swimmer has already qualified, don’t wait…circle the events that they would like to swim in the binder at practice. They can swim as many events as they qualify for, but you cannot swim the same event in Trinity and Ponderosa!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Go Waves,

Nicole Gauthier


 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 6/14/16 7:04 PM
Coles Crossing Meet

Good evening Waves swimmers and families.  Just a few quick blips.  This is our last meet of the season. Can you believe how fast it has gone? ...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/10/16 8:16 PM
Volunteers & Other News

Hi Waves Parents!

Summer is in full swing in my house and I'm sure in yours, too.  We have a home meet on Saturday and WE NEED YOU! ...   more

 posted by: Angie Demarco on 6/9/16 7:37 PM
2016 NWAL Divisional t-shirts & Meet Entries

Good afternoon Waves!

If you would like to purchase a NWAL Divisional t-shirt, please print the attached order form and turn it in during practices. 

The...   more

 posted by: Angie Demarco on 6/8/16 12:50 PM
Morning Practices

Good Evening Waves swimmers and families from Klein Oak HS where several of our swimmers are competing at Sprint Sizzler!  Your teammates are swimming...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/6/16 5:36 PM
Waves Photo Website

Hey Waves Families -  

I've got the 2016 Waves photo website up and running for you.  Right now, I've got the photos loaded from...   more

 posted by: Michelle Ebel on 6/3/16 3:16 PM
home meet Saturday

Home meet this weekend.  Yes, we have been watching the weather and wondering what it will look like.  Right now the meet is scheduled as planned and will let you know as there are any updates. There is no need to text or call the coaches or the township staff. We will notify everyone by email if anything changes as soon as we know.  Team Reps are constantly in contact.    If meet is not running by 10:30 am team reps and officials will meet and will decide what to do at that point; if meet is not able to be run, it will be rescheduled for next Tuesday, or Wednesday.

The Heat Sheet is up and can be printed. Unfortunately, we had more than 35 late entries this week, (after Tuesday at midnight) so please be sure to sign up as soon as possible for next week’s last dual meet of the season and for Divisionals.  (Divisionals has been confirmed for Kingwood HS.  We need EVERYONE to swim at Divisionals.  Information for Divisionals will be coming on Sunday.)


6:45 - 7:15 a.m. - Check-In

7:10 - 7:40 a.m. - Warm Ups

8:15 - Team Meeting/Line up for first events

If you will not be at meet please text one of us (Heather, Angie or Nicole) by 7:30 am.  You can check meet entries to see if your swimmer is in a relay since practices were "scattered" this week.  You can log on, go to swim meets look at the bottom left and look at MEET ENTRIES.


Our volunteer slots are almost full. We appreciate everyone who has stepped up.  We can't run the meet without you!! A few new parents have stepped up to work ready bench.  We just need to make sure all of those spots are full so that our meets will continue to run smoothly!!!  Please do your part!  Age group parts, just a reminder that the 6:45 – 7:15 am check in is part of the age group parent duty. 


Your swimmer MUST be checked in by 7:15 am. Please check in with the coach at the check-in table FIRST (you can send one person for all your swimmers) then go see your age group parent.  Give yourself enough time to check in.   We can't thank the families ENOUGH who make it to the meet to check in on time.  If you've ever worked check-in before, you know that scratch time can be a very intense few minutes as we rebuild relays and scratch swimmers who are no-shows only to have them check in right as we are handing the data to the clerk. The computer clerk, coaches, officials, and everyone else on the team thanks you for your assistance with this.


If you are part of a relay, WE NEED YOU!!!  The other three swimmers on that relay are counting on you.  A no-show during check-in will result in being SCRATCHED from the relay.  The relay line up always changes at the meet, so please be sure to check the relays at the beginning AND before you leave towards the end of the meet.

Last but certainly not least two items:

  1. We need your positive energy and the team’s continued good sportsmanship at the meet this weekend.  We know it has been hard with rain but this is our last IN DIVISION home meet.  Please respect the rules set in place at and around this meet and all meets by, NWAL, our coaches and the township.  If they are not sure of the rules you are welcome to go to the The Township site and look at the handbook, and go to http://www.nwal.swim-league.us./
  2.  Please do not park in lot without a parking pass. As always, you are welcome to drive through to drop off supplies but we need to be sure to have spaces for NWAL officials.  If you would like to become an official for next season, I would be happy to introduce you the Glenn Bricken on our team who will help make it happen! 

Please let me know if you have any questions and don’t forget to volunteer!

Go Waves!

Nicole Gauthier

 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 6/2/16 8:35 PM
WLW vs. NMH and Sprint Sizzler

Happy Sunday Waves swimmers and families and HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!  Results from yesterdays meet are up under league results. Thanks...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/29/16 10:25 AM
Waves vs. IOST: May 28th

Good Afternoon, Waves parents and swimmers, 

Hope this email finds you all nice and dry and safe.  Hopefully your swimmers got a little extra rest this morning.  Thank you for being so patient regarding information for tomorrow's meet.  As you can imagine, we have been monitoring the weather and are constantly in contact with IOST regarding the meet, and all that goes into running a safe, fun and effective meet.  Yes, the meet is still on!  If there is any change you will be notified by Remind 101.  Please do not email or call the township, Debbie Arnold, the coaches or myself.  We will let you know as soon as we find out should anything change for tomorrow!!!  Take this time today and tonight to rest up! 

We still need several volunteers, so if you have not yet volunteered please take some time to look at our needs and sign up.  We cannot start the meet until all of our volunteers are in place.  We don't want to assign volunteer positions, however we will if we need to.  Please remember part of being on swim team is mandatory volunteer shifts.  This information is located in your Woodlands Township Swim Team handbook.  If you need to look at a copy, they are online at the Woodlands Township site under Swim Teams. 

Below is information regarding tomorrows meet.  I will be sending out information regarding Sprint Sizzler in a following email.  Keep in mind if you are interested in attending this Invitational next Sunday, June 5th and Monday, June 6th (optional) and you qualify tomorrow, I will need your entry and $5.00 per entry by tomorrow.  No exceptions.

Address:  31110 Imperial Oaks Blvd., Spring, TX 77386

Team Set-up Area:   Located in the parking lot, outside the pool. 

Parking:  On either side of Imperial Oaks Blvd.  Please pay attention and respect to the “No Parking” signs.

Check in:  7:00-7:30.  Please check in with coaches first, then your age group parent.  PLEASE BE ON TIME FOR CHECK IN - IF YOU ARE LATE YOU RISK BEING SCRATCHED FROM THE MEET.   

Team Warm –ups:  7:45-8:15 (team cheer will follow)

Officials Meeting:  8:00 at the entrance to our pool

Timer Meeting:  8:00 by the ready bench area

Ready Bench Area:  Located on the south side of the pool, closest to the volleyball pit.

**Please keep the children off the volleyball sand pit area!  The sand does not do well in our pool!  If you do not respect these rules you risk being removed from the meet.

Entrance to the pool and ready bench area will be located on the side of the pool complex, close to the volleyball pit.

Concessions:  Located by the Laguna Pool 

  • Breakfast:  Kolaches, Donuts, Coffee 
  • Lunch:  Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Sausage-on-a-Stick, Chips, Candy, Drinks, Ice Cream

Bathrooms:  2 set of restrooms located at the entrance to the pool & by the concessions stand

Results:  Posted by the concession stand

Heat Sheets:  On sale at IOST apparel tent located at the entrance to our pool for $2.00.  You can also download off of our web site by locating tomorrow's swim meet in the red banner on our STUS web page.  Click on SWIM MEETS, find our meet for tomorrow, and select HEAT SHEET.  It will pull up as a PDF and from there you can print.  If you are an age group parent and like to have heat sheets to line up swimmers,  you are responsible for printing them or purchasing them.  We will no longer print heat sheets for age group parents. 

We are running the meet on STUS like we do for home meets, so results will be live (as soon as they are entered).  To view results, log into our STUS website www.woodlandswaves.swim-team.us, click on the SWIM MEETS locate the WLW vs. IOST meet and Click in the 1st icon by our meet, and results will be there almost immediately.

Heather Monroe

 posted by: Angie Demarco on 5/27/16 2:33 PM
2016 Sprint Sizzler Invitational

If you are interested in swimming Sprint Sizzler June 5th and 6th I need your entries and $5 per entry no later than Saturday 8:00 pm.  No late entries...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/27/16 2:09 PM
WAVES: Volunteers Needed for TOMORROW

Hi Waves families!  First, and foremost, I hope all of our families are ok after last night's flooding.  Prayers to all impacted!

There are a number of key openings in our volunteer lineup for this weekend.  Timers, Scribes and Ready Bench are looking light.  If you have not volunteered, please step up and help out your kids this weekend.  The better the ready bench, the quicker the meet.


Other important areas are 7-8 Girls Age Group Parent and 9-10 Boys Age Group Parent.  The kids rely on these parents to get to their events throughout the day. 

Last, but certainly not least, we are looking for someone each session to help in the shade, in a chair, as the Computer Clerk Runner and Computer Clerk Assistant. You do not have to enter times in the computer, just follow the instructions of the fabulous Kristine Hudanish.  Did I mention you can step away at any point to watch your child swim? 

**Please select the "V" next to Tomorrow - WLW vs. IOST on the homepage to make it official!

We appreciate all that you do! 

Angie DeMarco - Volunteer Coordinator

 posted by: Angie Demarco on 5/27/16 8:58 AM

Happy Sunday Waves families and swimmers!  Congrats on a great first home meet!  Thanks to all of our amazing volunteers this weekend. ...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/22/16 11:52 AM
Windrose Meet the Saturday/Coach's Corner

Good evening Waves families!  Hope everyone is enjoying their night off and is ready to return to practice tomorrow.  Coach Spoon will ...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/19/16 7:38 PM
Waves home meet this weekend

Home Meet- Waves vs. Windrose

Here is the timeline:

6:45 - 7:15 a.m. - Check-In 

7:10 - 7:40 a.m. - Warm Ups

8:15 - Team Meeting/Line up for first events


Our volunteer slots are almost full. We appreciate everyone who has stepped up.  We can't run the meet without you!! We are looking for a a few parents to step up tomorrow and help with ready bench during the 2nd shift. Please let us know if you are interested in helping out.  Just a reminder to 6 and under and 7/8 age group parents to be nearby on deck to help your swimmers stay in their lanes once they are through ready bench, especially for the relay!


Your swimmer MUST be checked in by 7:15 am. Please check in with the coach at the check-in table FIRST (you can send one person for all your swimmers) then go see your age group parent.  Give yourself enough time to check in.   We can't thank the families ENOUGH who make it to the meet to check in on time.  If you've ever worked check-in before, you know that scratch time can be a very intense few minutes as we rebuild relays and scratch swimmers who are no-shows only to have them check in right as we are handing the data to the clerk. The computer clerk, coaches, officials, and everyone else on the team thanks you for your assistance with this.


If you are part of a relay, WE NEED YOU!!!  The other three swimmers on that relay are counting on you.  A no-show during check-in will result in being SCRATCHED from the relay.  

Visit the Coaches

During the swim meet, swimmers are encouraged to visit the coach's tent (with their time, if they can get it from the scribe) immediately following their race for feedback and encouragement. The coaches are there for our kids and LOVE to talk to them individually after their heats.


Last but certainly not least, just a reminder that the parking lot are for the team reps, coaches, officials, etc.  Please do not park in the parking lot without a parking pass...even if you are early enough to snag one.  Our officials sometimes come a little later and at time trials they were unable to park.  You are more than welcome to drive through and drop off your items and then move your car. 

Looking forward to another great meet!

Thanks so much for getting us off to a great start this season!

Nicole Gauthier

 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 5/19/16 7:01 PM
Volunteers Needed for Saturday

Happy Tuesday, Waves!

There are a number of key openings in our volunteer lineup for this weekend.  Second shift Timers and Ready Bench are looking light.  If you have not volunteered, please step up and help out your kids this weekend.  The better the ready bench, the quicker the meet.

Other important areas are 6&Under Girls Age Group Parent and 11-12 Girls Age Group Parent.  The kids rely on these parents to get to their events throughout the day. 

Last, but certainly not least, we are looking for someone each session to help in the shade, in a chair, as the Computer Clerk Runner and Computer Clerk Assistant. You do not have to enter times in the computer, just follow the instructions of the fabulous Kristine Hudanish.  Did I mention you can step away at any point to watch your child swim? 

**Please select the "V" next to 5/21 Sat WLW vs. WNDR on the homepage to make it official!

We appreciate all that you do!  Do it for the kiddos!

Angie DeMarco - Volunteer Coordinator

 posted by: Angie Demarco on 5/17/16 7:35 PM
Spirit Wear

Waves Families,

All ordered spirit wear will be in by Friday, I'll send message out if I receive it earlier.  I will have it at the pool Friday night and at meet Saturday morning.  

Few Items Remain:

1) Speedo Ventilator Swim Bag with Logo and Personalization $30 plus tax (THIS IS BONUS. had extra :) 

2) Red/White Junior Fit Blue 84 Tank with Vintage Waves Logo $25 plus tax  (1 MEDIUM/ 1 XL)

3) Red Dri-Fit with Waves Logo $20 plus tax  (Youth Large/Adult Large)

4) Youth Sliders and Flip Flops $20 Sizes under Youth 12.

Message me to confirm items at Stevi Venable 936-524-1518 or stevicotx@gmail.com



 posted by: Stevi Venable on 5/17/16 5:05 PM
Waves - great first meet

Dear Waves families,

Great job on our first meet!  We got out of there before the terrible weather hit and we had a lot of swimmers that had great times!  I know mine did!!!

So with the first meet out of the way, let's get ready for the second meet this weekend.  Tomorrow the meet registration will be up on the website and ready for you to register your swimmers for the meet.  THE DEADLINE FOR SIGNING UP FOR THIS WEEKEND'S MEET IS TUESDAY NIGHT!  NO EXCEPTIONS!  JUST NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT WE ARE CLEAR THAT YOU MUST MAKE SURE THAT YOUR SWIMMER IS IN AND IN THE RIGHT EVENTS.

We will be building relays on Wednesday, so we need everything complete on Tuesday.   We will not have the flexibility for late entries.  Please go online to get the entries in for your swimmers!!

As always, there are great volunteer opportunities at every meet.  Our team has has so many great new volunteers take the lead on these.  Thank you to those of you stepping up.  There is a great place for everyone in volunteer opportunities, please sign up today and let Angie DeMarco, our fabulous volunteer coordinator, know if you have any questions about volunteering!

Thank you so much,

Nicole Gauthier


 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 5/15/16 7:32 PM

Waves families and friends.  If you would like to print out a psych sheet for tomorrows meet, log in, go to meets, go to WLH vs. WLW and you...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/13/16 9:30 PM
Hurricanes Meet Saturday, May 14

This Saturday's Hurricane's meet is our first meet of the season! If this is your first swim meet, we suggest you read this email so you...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/13/16 6:04 PM
Spirit Wear- Screenprinted Items Avail Tonight 5:15-7:15


Spirit Wear Update:

Screenprinted T-shirts/Tanks- Avail for pick-up at the pool tonight from approx. 5:15-7:15.  

Embroidered Items-  I will have some items back and ready to distribute at the Swim Meet on Saturday morning. I know she's working really hard to get as much out as she can by this weekend. Bags are just arriving from company this evening and I'm taking them to her; therefore I do not expect these back until next week. Thank you for your patience! 

Extra Items Still Available:

  1. White Visor 
  2. Red Visors 
  3. Black Shorts with White Trim- AS and AM 
  4. Red Dri-Fit YL, AL, AXL.  
  5. Blue 84 Red/White Tank Medium (fits adult size 4/6) and XL
  6. Red Tank- Adult Large (Approx size Adult 8/10).
  7. Vintage Red T-shirt YXL
  8. ​Flip Flops and Slides- Size 13 and Smaller $20


 posted by: Stevi Venable on 5/12/16 5:03 AM
Entry deadline extended - Note from coaches

Waves parents, due to several of our area swimmers abscence during time trials, we ( the Canes and Waves) have decided to extend our entry deadline. ...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/11/16 8:18 PM
Meet Entries and Respect on the Deck

Waves swimmers and families, if you are still showing a NT in an event your child wants to swim please respond to this email with their event and they...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/11/16 8:37 AM
Waves - register for first meet

Dear Waves families,

Congrats on Time Trials and thank you for your patience with adding the Riptides to our Time Trials!  You showed our fellow swimmers our wonderful hospitality and you showed our team's ability to step up to cover all volunteer spots!

There were new volunteers in lots of roles on Saturday...from head timers, to computer entry, to ready bench and more!  Thank you for doing your part in making time trials a success. 

A few updates for this weekend's dual meet against the Hurricanes:

  • YOU HAVE UNTIL WEDNESDAY AT MIDNIGHT TO SIGN UP.  Get your swimmer registered.  There will be no signing up late for this weekend's meet.  (Next week and for the rest of the season, Tuesday at midnight is our deadline)
  • If you cannot log in, please let us know as soon as possible - like right now. 
  • We will be running relays next week...please check the relay board at the meet to see if your swimmer is in a relay.  Coaches put the swimmers in relays based on seed time and their work at practice.  Please do not as team reps or coaches to put your swimmer in a relay.

This week is spirit week and Angie DeMarco and lots of swim parents have a great week planned for us!  ENJOY!

Last but certainly not least, this weekend is the Ironman.  We will send meet instructions later in the week, but be prepared to plan accordingly.

Go Waves,

Nicole Gauthier

 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 5/9/16 9:55 PM

WAVES SPIRIT WEEK       (May 10 – 13)

It’s WAVES SPIRIT WEEK and boy, am I excited!  The kids will have a blast at practice and feel encouraged and pumped up before our first meet against the Hurricanes this weekend. 

  • Monday – NO PRACTICE
  • Tuesday -  Watermelon Races & Treat

The kids will enjoy racing whole watermelons in the pool and enjoy a refreshing slice when they step out of the pool.

  • Wednesday – Beach Party  

The kids will listen to beach music, sport leis,  and celebrate the end of practice on the slide with beach balls.

  • Thursday – Kona Ice

Hunter Family Orthodontics has graciously donated a snow cone for EVERY swimmer at practice on Thursday night.  The truck will be there from 5 – 7 p.m.  Don’t miss it!

Thank you Hunter Family Orthodontics!

  • Friday – Spirit Night

There will be poster boards for the kids to decorate, shoe polish for parents to decorate their cars and a banner to thank our awesome coaches! 

Names will be drawn for 10 Chiller Bee gift cards.  Make sure you get your name in the drawing by attending Friday’s practice!  Thank you, Kellie Sallee with Keller Williams Realty (http://kelliesallee.yourkwagent.com/) for donating the gift cards!


Go Waves!  Beat Hurricanes!

 posted by: Angie Demarco on 5/9/16 9:15 AM
Spirit Wear Update- Few Additional Items Available

Waves Families,

I hope to have most, if not all, Spirit Wear items available before our meet with the Hurricane's this weekend. I'll send out a message as soon as it comes in!  

I did order a few extra's of popular items, please let me know if you'd like to reserve one of them.  First come, first serve! Please checkout order for under "links" for pictures and sizing information   

Trucker Hats (2) $20

Visors w/ Logo.  Red (5) White (1) Graphite Grey (1)) $15

Boxercraft Lined Shorts w/ Logo and Personalization Black/Zebra Print (1 YL) $25

Boxercraft Lined Shorts w/ Logo and Personalization Black w/ White Trim (NO ZEBRA) Adult S (3), Adult M (2)  $25

Waves Logo Red Dri-Fit $20 YM (1), YL (1), AL (1), AXL (1)

Blue 84 Jr. Fit Red/White Burnout Tank $25 XL (1)

Blue 84 Jr. Fit Red Tank $25 L (2)

Vintage Red T-shirt w/ front pocket logo/back design $20 YXL (1)

Also, we have Waves Flip Flops and Sliders available for $20. in Sizes Youth 1 and smaller..  Message me if interested.

Thank you for showing your Waves Spirit! 

Stevi Venable 936-524-1518 or stevicotx@gmail.com









 posted by: Stevi Venable on 5/8/16 12:11 PM
Meet results on line

Meet results for todays time trials are now available on line. Log in to our site and go under meet result.  Select our team Woodlands waves (WLW)...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/7/16 3:00 PM
Waves 2016 - TimeTrials tomorrow


The pool is set for time trials tomorrow and we look forward to seeing you at Forestgate - our home pool!

Just a reminder that swimmers must check in with the coaches before checking in with the age group parents. That check-in takes place between 6:45 - 7:15 am. 

Today that mosquitos were bad at the park.  I suggested starting the day with bug spray and add the sunscreen later!

Time Trial is a great "dress rehearsal' for our first meet and I look forward to seeing you there!

Go Waves!

Nicole Gauthier


 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 5/6/16 7:12 PM
Waves 2016 - Time Trials May 7th



Please carefully read the following information regarding this Saturday's Time Trials.  If you are new to the team there is a lot of information to cover.  If you are returning there are a few changes to time trials, so please be sure to review this email carefully.

First of all, thank you for your patience with the technical difficulties.  It you are still unable to log in to sign up for Time Trials, please e-mail Heather at hcmonroe1230@yahoo.com ASAP! She needs to enter your swimmers by 2 pm.


Friday evening we will again go over ready bench and check in procedures.  Friday night we will set up for the meet so we will actually have benches and seats in place to allow the children to run through the process a few times.  It is very easy, and runs smoothly as long as we have ready bench volunteers.  Please remember parents are not allowed in the ready bench area unless they are ready bench volunteers.  No one is allowed on deck behind the ropes during meets unless you are NWAL certified or collecting children as that designated age group parent. 

Ready Bench - There will be a meeting and run through on Friday afternoon.  Please look for a separate email from Angie regarding this.  Please do your best to be there or to have someone fill you in so our ready bench runs smoothly!

If you are looking to volunteer and not sure what you can do Saturday, please ask Angie.  We are still in need of Ready Bench, timers and scribes. Just a heads up – we CANNOT (AND WILL NOT) START THE MEET without all volunteers in place. Please step in and fill the holes in our volunteer assignments. 

Team photos will be taken Saturday before Time Trials at 7:20.


Please arrive for check in between 6:45 and 7:15.  You MUST check in with a Coach at the head check in table first!  Please do not go to your age group parent before you have checked in.  It helps us to know who is there, and who is missing.  This information is vital for scratches in order to get sheets printed for our ready bench and officials.  After checking in with a Coach Morgan, please go see your age group parent.  Like the Head Check in table, these parents will be located under the pavilion.  There you will get your events written on your arm. 

After check in - FOR TIME TRIALS ONLY - begin to line up inside the pool area with the photographers.  we will take the team photo at 7:20!  After team photo please listen for coaches for warm ups and lane assignments.  This is a chaotic time if you are new to the team - but runs smoothly if you listen to our new team announcer Mr. Eric Depoy!!

At this time there will also be announcements for pre meet meetings for timers and scribes, officials, ready bench and age group parents.  PLEASE BE ON TIME AT THESE MEETINGS.  SWIM MEETS START AT 8:30!!!

One difference in this year’s Time Trials is that the Riptides will be joining us at our pool this year.  It is still Time Trials, and all swimmers are swimming for seed time and it is not a competition.  Let’s be sure to make the Riptides feel welcome at our pool.  Please note that the Riptides will also be taking a team photo. 

We WILL be running freestyle relays (no medley relays) and coaches will randomly select swimmers for relays this weekend.  This will give the kids an opportunity to get a feel for the relay process.


Parking in the Forestgate parking lot is restricted to officials, team representatives, lead parents and coaches.  Please do not park in these spots.  If you do not have a pass, please do not park here, you will be asked to move.  Plan to park along Forestgate and Flintridge.  You may drop off your gear at the park and then go park your car.  Please be respectful of our parking attendants and do not park in subdivisions along Forestgate or Flintridge. 


Plan to show up rain or shine to the meet.  If you haven't done so already please sign up for Remind 101 for updates.  This is the same system we are alerted from, so we won't know if a practice or meet is canceled until we are alerted. 

*We will follow up with an email regarding particulars and a time line for the Time Trials this evening or tomorrow.  If you cannot attend time trials do not panic!!!  There will be no make-up times, however once the meet is completed, if your swimmer did not swim or was a NS (no show), they will be given the slowest time for their age and gender based on the results of Saturdays time trials. 


Swimmers should wear their Waves swimsuit and swim cap to Time Trials.  Families will also want to bring chairs and a coolers with water/snacks,etc. Chick-Fil-A will be there with breakfast and lunch for sale or you can bring your own.  Don’t forget the sunscreen!!

Again, we know this is a lot of information so please read carefully and let me know if you have questions or have not signed up your swimmer for the meet if you plan to be there. 

We look forward to seeing you at practice and this weekend.   Going to be an awesome season!!!!

Thanks so much,

Nicole Robinson Gauthier


 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 5/5/16 8:27 PM
Please Note

Waves families, the site will be shut down for sgn ups until later this afternoon.  We appreciate your patience.  Please do not worry about...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/4/16 7:23 AM
Waves 2016 - week 2

​Dear Waves families,

As we start week two of summer swim, we are still having technical difficulties with the website. Ironically, if you are receiving this email you are likely not experiencing them.  Either way, it should be completely resolved by noon on Tuesday.

As you know, this Saturday, May 7th is Time Trials  ALL SWIMMERS MUST HAVE A SEED TIME TO SWIM IN A DUALMEET OR IN DIVISIONALS.  Did I mention that there are more than 200 swimmers on The Woodlands Waves Swim Team? If you are unable to make it to time trials, there are no make up sessions.  Your swimmer will be assigned a time of 1 minute longer than the slowest time.  This will not affect how fast they swim in the first meet, only the heat. 

If you have access to the website please sign your swimmer up for Time Trials now.  Sign in and go to the home page. Look under the red "Events" bar on the left and click on the swimmer image. Select a swimmer, then the meet entries.  If your swimmer does not receive a seed time for a stroke, they will not be able to race in that stroke all season.  So if your swimmer is even thinking about or practicing for a race, get a seed time.  I really don't want to have to tell you no, later in the season!

Also happening on Saturday is the big team photo, so be sure to pick up your team suit this week.  Individual photos are scheduled for May 13th.  Details on all of that to come later.

Last, but certainly not least, soon you'll be hearing from our Volunteer Coordinator, Angie!  Angie and I cannot do this alone and we need you to make these meets run smoothly!  All families should plan to volunteer to do something at every home meet.  We will still need volunteers at away meets too!  There are more than 200 swimmers so there should be plenty of help for our swimmers!

Angie and I will be at the pool this week if you have any questions or if you have not received your team shirt.  Please let us know what questions you have and we'll be sure to find the right volunteer opportunity for you!

Go Waves!



 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 5/2/16 7:47 PM
A note from Coach Spoon

Dear Waves families...an update from Coach Spoon.

Beginning Tuesday, May 3rd practice, we will consolidate the 13 and above with the 11 and 12 years old.  

This practice will go from 7:00 -- 8:00 pm.  

I would like to thank everyone for a great start.  Kids have been very responsive and coachable.  Week two will begin to work on all strokes.  At every practice there will be sprinting, kicking, and diving.  

Thank you to the parents who have brought food for the coaches.  It has been nothing short of awesome.

At anytime (except practice and meets) you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call or email me.


Thanks, Jeff

281 748 8184


 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 4/30/16 9:26 AM
Waves 2016 - do we have practice?

Dear Waves Families,

There have been a number of questions over the past few days about whether or not we have practice. 

The answer is...if it is raining with no thunder and lightning - YES - there is practice. If there is thunder and lightning, there will be at least a 15 minute delay per pool rules. 

If practice is cancelled, we will communicate that to you as quickly as possible through text or the Remind app on your phone...if you have signed up for that communication. 

The first week of practice seems to be going well.  Swimmers practiced diving off the blocks today to get the feel of the start of a race.  One more day of practice to complete week one!

See you there!

Nicole Gauthier



 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 4/28/16 7:41 PM
Swim Season is here

Dear Waves Families:

Welcome to the 2016 summer swim team season with The Woodlands Waves.  As you know, practice begins tomorrow, Tuesday, April 26th at Forestgate Pool.

If you have not already done so, please go to the website www.woodlandswaves.swim-team.us to log in and find all of the information for the team.  Use the email that you receive swim team updates on to log in and the password is waves2016.  We are going to do our best to keep all of the information you need updated on the website where you can find it easily.  Bookmark this site...this is where you sign up for meet and for volunteer shifts. (we'll go over that later!)

Just a couple of reminders/notes on swim practice:​

- no parents are allowed on the pool deck - lifeguards, coaches and team reps only

- the first week of practice, especially the first day is chaos, that is normal.  It will settle down when the swimmers learn what to do

- Swimmers bring/wear to practice: one piece suit, goggles, swim cap, towel, fins and water to drink

- Parents bring to practice: a chair to sit and get to know other parents

Our first meet is not until May 7th so the swimmers have two weeks of practice to settle in.  Coach Spoon and his team will be there to greet the swimmers tomorrow and get the off to a good start.  Please let Coach Spoon focus on the kids. 

If you have questions, you have lots of options for answers - Heather Monroe is our rec specialist with The Woodlands Township,

Angie DeMarco is the 2016 Volunteer Coordinator (and she is a swim mom and volunteer),

And you get me for parent communications (another swim mom and volunteer).

There will be more emails during the week with explanations of what is to come, in the meantime, see you at practice!

Many thanks,

Nicole Gauthier


 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 4/25/16 8:08 PM
Practice Schedule

Practices April 26 - June 3

4:15-5:00 6 and under

5:00-6:00  7&8

6:00-7:00  9&10

7:00-8:00  11&12

8:00-9:00...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 4/22/16 11:20 AM
Meet and Greet

Good Afternoon Waves parents and swimmers!  This is a reminder that this Sunday is our annual Waves meet and greet.  The meet and greet is...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 4/22/16 11:12 AM
2016 Waves Spirit Wear Order Now!

Waves Families, 

Show your team spirit by ordering Waves Spirit Wear!  Many new items to choose from including trucker hat, tanks/t's, flannel pants (keep your swimmer warm at indoor meets) and more!  In order to fulfill orders by first swim meet we need all orders in ASAP.  Max deadline 4/28.  

How to order: 1) Print order form and mail or drop by address provided on form  2) Bring form/check to the Waves Team Party on Sunday, April 24th 4-6 PM or 3) E-mail order to stevicotx@gmail.com and bring check to party or 1st week of practice. Checks should be made to "THE WOODLANDS TOWNSHIP" 

Don't miss your chance to order, we will not order extra's.  If you have any questions please contact Stevi Venable at stevicotx@gmail.com or 936-524-1518.












 posted by: Stevi Venable on 4/16/16 2:50 PM
Fourth of July Parade


First Choice Emergency Room is once again sponsoring the Woodlands Township swim teams to walk in the Fourth of July parade....   more

 posted by: on 7/1/15 1:14 PM
Trinity and Ponderosa Results

Waves Families,

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! A big thank you goes out to everyone that stepped up and volunteered this weekend...   more

 posted by: on 6/29/15 1:40 PM
Ponderosa Invitational Infortmaion

Congratulaions Waves swimmers on qualifying for Ponderosa Invitational!  What an achievement.  Below you will find important information regarding...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/26/15 3:19 PM

We will not have age group parents so you will be responsible for marking the events on your child, if you wish to do so, and getting your children...   more

 posted by: on 6/25/15 3:47 PM
Waves Trinity

One last email from your FAVORITE Waves Volunteer Coordinator!

Congrats on a great season!  The Invitational meets are here and there...   more

 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 6/21/15 8:43 PM
Photos for viewing

Waves families- as some of you know and some may be wondering about the lady with the camera - Michelle Ebel our team photographer takes amazing photos...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/18/15 9:54 PM
Waves Volunteer Openings for Divisionals

Dear Waves Families,

There are still numerous openings in our volunteer opportunities for Saturday at the Divisional meet.  Please sign...   more

 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 6/18/15 8:38 PM
Divisionals Information


When: Saturday, June 20th

Address: Klein Forest High School, 11400 Mist Valley Drive, Houston,...   more

 posted by: on 6/18/15 5:46 PM
Trinity and Ponderosa

Ponderosa is not $6 per entry as I previously stated but $5 the same as Trinity. Again please make checks payable to The Woodlands Township.   



...   more
 posted by: on 6/18/15 12:01 PM
Trinity and Ponderosa

If your swimmer has qualified for either Trinity or Ponderosa and you would like to sign up please go to swim meets and sign up like a regular meet....   more

 posted by: on 6/18/15 11:56 AM
Waves Volunteers - Divisionals

Dear Waves families:

Time for the Divisional Meet!  This will be our largest meet to date and - as always - we need your help to make it happen. ...   more

 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 6/16/15 6:31 PM

Waves Families,

The Woodlands Township has decided to close all pools tomorrow due to the approaching tropical storm.

Remember that...   more

 posted by: on 6/15/15 4:47 PM
Spirit Week

Good Morning Waves swimmers and families!  Can you believe our season is almost over?  One more week of regular season practice to prepare...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/15/15 7:14 AM
2015 Waves vs. Cypress Mills Heat Sheet

Waves Families,

Cypress Mills will not be selling heat sheets tomorrow so I have attached a copy of the meet program (heat sheet). We will...   more

 posted by: on 6/12/15 5:12 PM
Waves vs. Cypress Mills - Away Meet

Saturday is our away meet at Cypress Mills. Please allow yourselves enough time to get there, the drive time is approximately 45-50 minutes.  ...   more

 posted by: on 6/13/15 4:48 PM
TAAF Summer Swim Team

TAAF Summer Swim Team

If you would like your child to continue to swim in July after the NWAL season, it is time to sign up for The Woodlands...   more

 posted by: on 6/10/15 11:05 AM
Sign up for Cypress Mills meet closes at 6 tonight

Just a reminder that the sign up for the Cypress Mills meet will close tonight at 6 p.m.  

Results from our meet against Rivershire are in...   more

 posted by: on 6/8/15 8:09 AM
Sprint Sizzler Information

Sprint Sizzler information!!!!

If you are entered into Sprint Sizzler tomorrow and/or Monday, PLEASE read the following information.  

Please...   more

 posted by: on 6/6/15 5:50 PM
Home Meet - Waves vs Rivershire -Saturday, June 6th

Home Meet- Waves vs. Rivershire  

Here is the timeline:

6:45 - 7:15 a.m. - Check-In 

7:10 - 7:40...   more

 posted by: on 6/5/15 2:50 PM
Waves Summer Practice Schedule

Just a reminder that summer practice starts tomorrow.

June 5 - June 26

Ages 11 &12           7:15...   more

 posted by: on 6/4/15 6:58 PM
Waves home meet volunteers

Waves families,

There are a number of key openings in our volunteer lineup this weekend.  Nothing slows down a meet more than a ready bench...   more

 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 6/4/15 6:55 AM
Meet Entry Binder

Waves Families,

The meet entry binder with individual entries will be up at the pool today. If you signed up for the Rivershire meet please...   more

 posted by: on 6/2/15 1:29 PM
Waves Flip Flops & Slides Available

Embroidered "Waves" flip-flops and slides are still available in limited sizes, please consider purchasing a pair for your swimmer.  They're...   more

 posted by: Stevi Venable on 6/2/15 10:54 AM
Waves vs Colony Creek

Waves Families,

Another great meet today!

Waves - 341

Colony Creek - 299 

Thanks again to all of you that...   more

 posted by: on 5/30/15 6:12 PM
2015 WLWvsCLC Results
...   more
 posted by: on 5/30/15 5:28 PM
Waves vs. Colony Creek - Away Meet Information

Saturday is our away meet at Colony Creek. You will be notified if the meet is delayed or canceled due to weather via text. 

Address: The...   more

 posted by: on 5/28/15 7:46 PM
Northampton Sprint Sizzler

Waves Families,

You can find the Northampton Sprint Sizzler information under links on the website and attached to this email. If your...   more

 posted by: on 5/28/15 3:31 PM
Waves Volunteer list 5-30-15

Dear Waves Families:

We almost have all of the volunteer positions filled for this weekend's away meet.  We can't do it without...   more

 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 5/28/15 7:31 AM
WLW vs SCO Meet Results

See Below.

...   more
 posted by: on 5/27/15 7:27 AM
Colony Creek Meet Entries

Please do not forget you have until 6:00 pm tonight to register for this weekend's  away meet against Colony Creek.  We will close...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/26/15 8:51 AM

Waves Families,

The deadline to sign up for our away meet at Colony Creek is today at 6 p.m. We will have the individual entry binder at the pool...   more

 posted by: on 5/26/15 7:41 AM
Waves Volunteer May 23rd home meet

Dear Waves Families:

Thank you for your outstanding help at our first away meet this past weekend.  You were all great.  So many people...   more

 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 5/21/15 6:32 PM
Spirit Wear

Greetings Waves Parents,

Spirit Wear items are in and available for pick-up!  Stevi Venable will be at the pool on Friday between 5-7 PM...   more

 posted by: Stevi Venable on 5/21/15 5:56 AM
Week 4 - Coach's Corner

Waves swimmers and families - what a great meet last Sunday against the Riptides!  Lots of "good racing", record setting and overall...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/19/15 7:02 AM
Deadline Approaching for Spring Creek Oaks Sign Up

Please remember the deadline for sign ups for our meet this weekend against Spring Creek Oaks is TODAY AT 6:00pm.  Going forward ...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/18/15 7:23 AM
2015 Woodlands Waves vs Woodlands Riptides

Waves Families,

Great meet today! I'd like to thank all of our parent volunteers and everyone who stayed until the end of the meet...   more

 posted by: on 5/16/15 7:30 PM
WAVES - Slides/Flops

Waves Swimmers:

Get your Waves monogrammed Flip Flops or Slides for $20.  Limited availability left; therefore reserve your pair now!  Order...   more

 posted by: Stevi Venable on 5/15/15 12:56 PM

All practices for Thursday, May 14th are cancelled due to weather conditions. 

...   more
 posted by: on 5/14/15 2:41 PM
REMIND 101 - Updates on the weather

Here is the remind 101 Information:  

You can text @waves20 to 81010 or you can text @waves20 to 832-786-5673.  You will...   more

 posted by: on 5/14/15 1:40 PM
Waves vs. Riptides - AWAY MEET INFORMATION

This Saturday's Riptides meet is our first meet of the season! If this is your first swim meet, we suggest you read this email so you understand...   more

 posted by: on 5/14/15 8:10 AM
5/16 Riptides Meet

Waves Families,

I am making corrections to all the entries for our meet against the Riptides this weekend. If you did not select individual...   more

 posted by: on 5/13/15 8:44 AM
Volunteers for 5/16 swim meet

Thank you Waves families for all of your work this weekend at Time Trials.  So many new families jumped in ready to learn how they can help with...   more

 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 5/12/15 12:53 PM
Waves vs. Riptides - Meet Entry Binder

Waves Families,

Be sure to check the red meet binder at the pool Tues/Wed. this week to ensure that your child is registered in the correct...   more

 posted by: on 5/12/15 12:13 PM
A Note from Coach Spoon

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped with time trials.  I really enjoyed seeing the swimmers compete on Saturday.  

In...   more

 posted by: on 5/12/15 7:40 AM

Just a reminder all entries for this weekend's meet against the Riptides, must be completed today.  For this meet only we will extend the...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/11/15 9:30 AM
2015 Woodland Waves Time Trials Results

Waves Time Trial Results.

...   more
 posted by: on 5/11/15 3:15 PM
Time Trial Results and Riptides Meet Sign Up

Hello Waves Families and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and grandmothers of our Waves swimmers!  Janet and I want to let you all know how...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/10/15 10:16 AM



Please carefully read the following information regarding this Saturday's Time Trials. ...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/6/15 11:26 AM
Waves - Time Trials Volunteers

Dear Waves Families:

My name is Nicole Gauthier and I am your Volunteer Coordinator...and I am a parent of swimmers, just like you.  It take...   more

 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 5/5/15 8:59 PM
Meal Delivery for Coaches

Waves Families,

Let's show the coaches our appreciation for the long hours they are spending at the pool with our children. Thank...   more

 posted by: on 5/3/15 9:43 AM

Waves Families,

Just a few quick reminders.

Please be sure to check the 2015 Waves Roster in the white binder at the pool during...   more

 posted by: on 4/30/15 10:55 AM

What a great first day of practice!  It was so good to meet some of you for the first time and reconnect with those we haven't seen since...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 4/29/15 7:35 AM

Good morning Waves!  Today is the day!  Our 2015 season is officially under way!!!

There are a few things to remember about practices and...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 4/28/15 10:24 AM

Hello Waves swimmers and families!  Can you believe our season starts next week?  We are so excited to see familiar faces and to meet all...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 4/23/15 9:54 AM

Waves Families,

The correct password is waves2015. Go to  http://www.woodlandswaves.swim-team.us enter your email and waves2015.


 ...   more

 posted by: on 4/21/15 4:20 PM
Waves Log In Information

Waves Families,

To log into our Waves website either click the link at the bottom of this email or go to http://www.woodlandswaves.swim-team.us. Enter...   more

 posted by: on 4/21/15 4:10 PM
2015 Spirit Wear Order Form

Waves Families,

It is time to order your Waves Spirit Wear!  You can find the order form under links on the Waves website and I have...   more

 posted by: on 4/15/15 2:09 PM

Due to the forecast for this weekend the kick-off party at Rob Fleming Park for today has been canceled.   This event has been rescheduled...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 4/11/15 7:26 AM
Suits now available

Waves 2015 team suits are now available for purchase at the The Swim Shops of the Southwest on Woodlands Parkway and Terramont/Branch Crossing...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 3/31/15 11:18 AM
"Touch the Wall" Movie Screening

Dear Fellow Swimmers,

Great news! I’m hosting a special one-time screening of the new film Touch The Wall on Wednesday April...   more

 posted by: on 3/19/15 10:13 AM
Introducing our new head coach..Coach Spoon

Janet and I are so excited to share some information with you about our new Waves head coach, Coach Spoon!  Coach Spoon is in his 7th year...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 3/11/15 8:40 AM


If you are planning on purchasing a Pool Pass for 2015, Waves swimmers can purchase them at...   more

 posted by: on 3/10/15 6:59 AM

Waves Parents,

To order a WAVES personalized swim cap, please go to the link below.  You will also find this link on the WAVES website....   more

 posted by: on 3/9/15 1:26 PM
WAVES - Time to register for 2015

To register for the WAVES 2015 swim team please call the Rec Center at 281-210-3950.

Registration for new swimmers will open on February...   more

 posted by: on 2/11/15 6:05 AM
Sign Up for returning WAVES swimmers - Feb. 2nd

Just a reminder that sign up for returning WAVES swimmers starts tomorrow February 2. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone!


GO...   more

 posted by: on 2/1/15 4:16 PM
Time for 2015 Registration

(If you are receiving this email and are no longer with the WAVES - please reply to this email " unsubscribe".  We will be updating...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 1/25/15 11:15 PM
TAAF: Important Information

Hi Everyone,

This email has lots of important information you need to know about the TAAF Regional Meet which will be held on Saturday...   more

 posted by: on 7/6/14 9:55 PM
Trinity Summer Classic Ribbons and Medals

The placement ribbons and medals (1st through 8th place) from Trinity will be in the ribbon box up at Lakeside Pool during TAAF practice...   more

 posted by: on 6/30/14 6:12 AM
Trinity Summer Classic Results

We are so proud of all of the swimmers who went to the Trinity Summer Classic on Saturday and Sunday.  The final results and high point report are...   more

 posted by: on 6/29/14 5:45 PM
2014 Trinity Summer Classic

Trinity Information 

We will not have age group parents so you will be responsible for getting your children to the ready bench...   more

 posted by: on 6/26/14 4:52 PM
Important Information - Practice

According to Debbie Arnold and despite previous emails, practices will go back to our regular schedule.  Any and all of our fantastic...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/24/14 3:55 PM
C2 Divisional Results

Waves Families,

Divisional results are posted under links on the Waves Website.

See you at practice!



...   more
 posted by: on 6/24/14 6:59 AM
Wave Volunteers for Divisional

Dear Waves Families,

We are wrapping up our regular season with Divisionals tomorrow and we are asking for your help one more time to ensure...   more

 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 6/20/14 11:32 AM
End of Season Swim Party

Just a quick reminder about the end of season party.  We will meet at Rob Fleming Pool on Monday from 6:30-9:30 for the end of the season party...   more

 posted by: on 6/20/14 7:29 AM
Practice Next Week - Preparing for Invitationals

Next week's practice is for people that have qualified and are going to either Trinity or Ponderosa.  The coaches will work on dives,...   more

 posted by: on 6/19/14 6:40 PM

If you would like to check the binder for divisionals come by the Hurricanes pool between 7:45 and 11:45am Monday (June 16th).  This will be your...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/15/14 9:57 PM
Waves vs. Lakes on Eldridge Results

Results from yesterdays meet are now posted!  Look for important information later today and throughout the week regarding Divisionals and Invitationals.



...   more
 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/15/14 11:59 AM
Waves - Need Volunteers for the meet

Parents, This is the last home meet of the season (we will still need your help at Divisionals!) and we still need you!!!

This past weekend our volunteers...   more

 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 6/12/14 11:57 AM
Flip Flops and Sliders ARE IN!

Waves Parents,

Thank you very much for your patience in waiting on the Waves Flip Flops and Sliders! This is the first time we've ordered shoes...   more

 posted by: Stevi Venable on 6/11/14 8:12 PM

We are getting close to the Divisional Meet! This meet is Saturday, June 21st.  Even if you have been with the WAVES for a long time, please...   more

 posted by: on 6/9/14 1:56 PM
HOME MEET - Saturday, June 14th

Home Meet - Waves vs. Lakes on Eldridge   

Here is the timeline:

6:45 - 7:15am - Check-In 

7:10 -...   more

 posted by: on 6/13/14 5:40 PM
Reminders From Your Coaches

Waves Parents, 

Just a few reminders from your coaches...

We've got the season off to a great start and we are excited for school...   more

 posted by: on 6/5/14 12:29 PM
Waves Summer Practice - Reminder

Waves summer practice is still Tuesday - Friday. Forestgate Pool is closed to the public on Mondays.  Our first summer practice will begin...   more

 posted by: on 6/4/14 1:16 PM
Waves Summer Practice Schedule and Coach K Swim Clinic Info.

Good Morning Everyone!  

Just a reminder that summer practice times will be as follows:

June 9 - June 26

Ages...   more

 posted by: on 6/4/14 10:10 AM
Our Volunteers are the best!!!!!!

Waves families we would like to take some time to finally acknowledge some incredible people, some truly super star volunteers!  We had decided...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 6/3/14 2:43 PM
Waves Volunteers for June 7th meet at home

Waves Families,

Only two home meets remaining!  Thank you to the many volunteers who sign up online to volunteer at the meets and for those...   more

 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 6/3/14 1:41 PM
Summer Thunder Invitational


The deadline to sign up for Summer Thunder (the mid season invitational held June 8th/9th) is this Saturday,...   more

 posted by: on 5/29/14 7:50 PM
Waves Spirit Week

Waves Spirit Week!  We hope your swimmers enjoyed the watermelon and popsicles yesterday as a part of Spirit Week. There are more activities planned...   more

 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 5/29/14 11:48 AM
Meals for Coaches

Hi Parents! I'm asking for your help to go ahead and fill in the blanks on this list. There aren't many left but we do want to make sure our...   more

 posted by: on 5/28/14 7:31 PM
Rivershire meet / Team Photos

Thanks to our wonderful team photographer, Michelle Ebel, photos from Windrose and Wimbeldon meets are now posted on line.  You can click on...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/28/14 6:54 AM
Waves: NO PRACTICE TONIGHT Tuesday 5/27

Please note:  Due to the weather the pool is closed and there will be no swim team practice tonight,

Tuesday, May 27th 

Be...   more

 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 5/27/14 1:44 PM
Waves Celebrate Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!

In honor of Memorial Day, The Woodlands Waves are planning a week of activities for the kids to demonstrate their team spirit...   more

 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 5/26/14 12:35 PM


Summer Thunder takes place on Sunday, June 8th and Monday June 9th  

...   more
 posted by: on 5/22/14 11:19 AM
Summer Thunder Invitational

Summer Thunder Information

There have been quite a few questions about the Invitational Meet information at the pool.  I have asked for...   more

 posted by: on 5/22/14 11:04 AM
Meal Delivery for Coaches

Waves Families,

Our Coaches will be putting long hours at the pool this swim season and are unable to take long breaks to run for food. One...   more

 posted by: on 5/19/14 5:18 PM

Waves Families,

Your child must have a time for each event they want to swim at a meet.  If they were not timed at Time Trials...   more

 posted by: on 5/19/14 7:08 AM
Volunteer update

Thank you to the many volunteers who helped out at time trials!  Many new parents joined our veteran parents in making the event run smoothly....   more

 posted by: Nicole Gauthier on 5/13/14 8:42 PM
Time Trial Make Up

If you were not at Saturday's Time Trials, times can be recorded tomorrow at Forestgate pool. If you can not come to your regular practice come...   more

 posted by: on 5/12/14 9:06 PM
Waves Individual Pictures - Rescheduled Date

 Individual pictures have been rescheduled for Friday, May 16th from 4:15-6:30.

Regular practice will be taking place.   ...   more

 posted by: on 5/12/14 8:30 AM
Divisionals T-shirt Order Form


If you are interested in purchasing a T-shirt for Divisionals this year the form is located under links.  All forms are due by Friday,...   more

 posted by: Stevi Venable on 5/12/14 9:06 AM
Swimmer Entry

When adding a swimmer(s):

Click Save often to not lose your work!
You may work on multiple swimmers, but you must SAVE before selecting a...   more

 posted by: on 5/11/14 2:51 PM

Waves Families,

We survived Time Trials yesterday!  Sign-Up closes tonight at midnight for our away meet at Wimbeldon this weekend....   more

 posted by: on 5/11/14 2:59 PM
Remind 101

Hi Waves Families,

Please sign up for Remind 101 to receive Waves 2014 notifications (weather etc.).

Please visit https://www.remind101.com/join/8bb9d.




 ...   more

Discounted Pool Passes

Your child's involvement on the WAVES grants them access to purchase a 2014 Pool Pass for a discounted rate!      

Pool...   more


Waves Families,

Just a quick reminder that 6 and under are the only age group that needs fins right now.  After time trials Jessie, Lindsay...   more


Hello Waves families!  What a great first day of practice!  We enjoyed seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones!  Just a few quick...   more

Important Please Read!!!

Waves Families,

If you swam on another swim team last season and are new to the Waves this season please email me ASAP and let me know your...   more

 posted by: on 4/17/14 2:54 PM
Swim Caps and First Choice Fundraiser

Waves Families,

Swim Caps

The order form for swim caps is on the Waves website under links.  If you would like to order...   more

 posted by: on 4/16/14 3:26 PM
Spirit Wear Orders- Final Date Wednesday April 16th

Waves Families,

Final date to order Spirit Wear for this season is this Wednesday, April 16th.  Don't miss out on the only opportunity...   more

 posted by: Stevi Venable on 4/13/14 8:18 PM
Important Dates & Times

Hi Waves swimmers and families!  

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather!  Thank you to everyone who came out to our...   more

 posted by: on 4/8/14 1:30 PM
Practice Schedule for 2014

Practice Schedule for 2014


Evening Practice        April 29 - June 6     Ages 6 &...   more

 posted by: on 4/2/14 10:52 AM
Important Information

Hello Waves 2014 swimmers and families!  Hope you all had a great spring break and are looking forward to starting our season less than a month...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 4/1/14 9:41 AM
Please Read - Some important information

Hi Waves family - hope you are all enjoying your spring break!  Just wanted to make you aware of few very important items.

1.  Swimsuits...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 3/10/14 7:53 AM
New Head Coach for our 2014 Waves

Hello Waves families.  Can you believe it is time to start thinking about summer league all ready?  We have so many changes for our team this...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 1/21/14 10:36 AM
Divisional Meet Information

Divisional Meets are this SATURDAY!! 

PLEASE VOLUNTEER!  Click on the V icon for the meet you will attend.  We are very...   more

 posted by: on 6/19/14 11:40 AM
Sign up for Invitationals

Sign Up for Invitationals:


Ponderosa & Trinity Invitationals - Sign up starts today at practice and officially ends...   more

 posted by: on 6/19/14 7:48 AM
Morning Practice begins FRIDAY!!

Practice times will change to mornings beginning FRIDAY, June 7th.  Please see times below:

Practice Days are Tuesday - Friday...   more

 posted by: on 6/5/13 2:18 PM
iPad Mini Giveaway!!
During The Waves/Hurricanes swim meet this SATURDAY, Alden Bridge Pediatric Dentistry will be giving away an iPad Mini. To be entered in...   more
 posted by: on 6/4/13 7:05 AM
Waves Record Breakers vs. Spring Cypress

Congratulations to our Waves Swimmers that continue to BREAK RECORDS! 

One new record was set by the Boys 6 & U Free...   more

 posted by: Stevi Venable on 6/4/13 5:33 AM
Biggest (Time) Loser Winners vs. Spring Cypress

Congratulations to our Biggest (Time) Losers of the week! 

The WAVES had 18 swimmers AGAIN this week with a greater than...   more

 posted by: Stevi Venable on 6/4/13 5:11 AM


Tomorrow we kick off Spirit Week!

Tuesday, June 4th - "Luau" the Waves are coming   

Please...   more

 posted by: on 6/3/13 9:04 PM
FUN meet June 12, 6:00pm

WAVES!  Here is MORE information about the FUN MEET that we will swim against The Woodlands Swim Team (TWST).  I believe the Riptides and Hurricanes...   more

 posted by: on 6/3/13 7:37 PM
Divisional Meet Information - June 22
We are getting close to the Divisionals meet!!  This meet is Saturday, June 22.  The meet will be run just like last year, so even if you've...   more
 posted by: on 6/3/13 7:11 PM
Today's Meet Results

It was an awesome meet!!!  I can't tell you how proud I am of our swimmers!!

Spring Cypress Stingrays 365

Waves 288

Individual...   more

 posted by: on 6/1/13 7:59 PM
Team Record Breakers

Waves Swimmers are off to a RECORD BREAKING year!  

Congratulations to our talented Swimmers!  All your hard work and dedication...   more

 posted by: Stevi Venable on 5/31/13 7:50 AM
Biggest (Time) Loser Report vs. Memorial NW

Congratulations to our Biggest (Time) Losers of the Week!  

The WAVES had 18 swimmers with a greater than 10 pt time drop!  Very...   more

 posted by: Stevi Venable on 5/31/13 5:58 AM
SPIRIT WEEK June 4-June 8

Count down to summer has begun for sure and your lead parents, long with some amazing sponsors are preparing for an awesome SPIRIT WEEK!!!!!!!!

WHAT IS...   more

 posted by: Heather Monroe on 5/29/13 10:48 AM
Meet Results Posted

Results are posted under "Links."  You must be logged on to view.

PI13 = Qualified for Ponderosa Invitational

Gold / Silver = Qualified...   more

 posted by: on 5/25/13 7:39 PM
Coaches' Award Winners
Introducing the Coaches' Award:
Every week we will be awarding a medal to a boy and girl in rotating age groups. The recipient will be...   more
 posted by: on 5/24/13 5:30 AM
The Biggest (Time) Losers!

Congratulation to our Biggest Losers of the Week!

These swimmers dropped the most time from their events during the past meet and we applaud...   more

 posted by: on 5/23/13 7:43 AM
Ribbons-Records-Pers Best

THANK YOU to our Ribbon Lead Parents, Lora Jorgenson and Karen Terry!  They are our favorite ladies on Tuesdays!!

Meet ribbons and...   more

 posted by: on 5/20/13 5:46 PM
Relays / General sign-up notes

* Reminder that there are no practices Wed 5/22 due to the FAMILY SWIM PARTY, 5:30-7:30pm!! 

Below is a basic primer on RELAYS...   more

 posted by: on 5/20/13 5:34 PM
Time Trials Volunteers

We NEED your help!  Sign up online to volunteer for the meet.  Log on, click "Swim Meets" then the "V" icon next to Time...   more

 posted by: on 5/10/13 8:32 AM
Time Trials Tomorrow!!

Please read the info below about Time Trials.  If you are new to the team, also go back to the home page and read the other posts on Time Trials...   more

 posted by: on 5/10/13 8:12 AM
Weather Cancellation Texts

Waves Parents-

We have set up a service where a member of the Waves staff can text you if there is a weather cancellation or delay for practices...   more

 posted by: on 5/9/13 1:57 PM
EASY Fundraiser for our team

WAVES!!  One of our sponsors, First Choice ER, is offering a fundraiser for our swim teams.  You don't have to sell or buy anything.  All...   more

 posted by: on 5/9/13 2:14 PM
Run-through of Ready Bench on Friday
Hi Parents of 6&u and 7-8 age group swimmers-
Friday during the 6&u and 7-8 age group practice we are going to do a run-through...   more
 posted by: on 5/8/13 8:16 PM
Time Trials Information

Time Trials are this Saturday!!

We need MANY more volunteers for this meet!  Please consider signing up to time or scribe. ...   more

 posted by: on 5/8/13 8:11 PM
Individual and Team Picts

 Individual Pictures are on Friday, May 10th, at Forestgate Pool, 4-6:30pm.  

The Team picture will be taken...   more

 posted by: on 5/8/13 5:49 AM
Spirit Wear ready to order!

Get your WAVES Spirit Wear!!  Orders are due no later than Time Trials on May 11th.  

Our awesome Spirit Wear Reps, Lisa Bryant and...   more

 posted by: on 5/6/13 7:53 AM
Time Trials Sat May 11th

 "Time Trials” is our first meet of the season.  

It is not a dual meet where we swim against another team,...   more

 posted by: on 5/3/13 3:30 PM
Parent Volunteers

Hi Waves Families-

As you know, it takes the involvement of ALL of our parents to make the WAVES the AWESOME, WONDERFUL organization that...   more

 posted by: on 4/28/13 7:39 PM
Swim Workout Schedule

 Swim workouts begin April 30th.  Practices are every Tues-Fri at Forestgate Pool.

Practice Schedule is below:

4:00-4:45pm...   more

 posted by: on 2/25/13 7:57 PM
Water Practices start Tuesday!
Swim season is about to begin!  Water workouts begin on Tuesday, April 30th at Forestgate Pool.  
If you have...   more
 posted by: on 4/24/13 7:13 AM
Team Suit Clarification
Waves - please read the notice below about team suits.  This is from the Township.  In summary - our team suits are the same as last year.
Notice...   more
 posted by: on 4/22/13 7:20 PM
Time to register for The 2013 Waves Season

It's time to register for the 2013 Woodlands Waves Summer Swim Season!!  

Please read below on how to get registered.  There...   more

 posted by: on 2/1/13 9:05 AM
Weather Hotline from the Rec Center


You'll want to program this number in your phone--- 


The Recreation Center Aquatics has a weather hotline...   more

 posted by: on 4/3/12 5:30 AM
Waves Pictures online

Hi Waves!!

Our awesome photographer, Michelle Ebel, has the pictures from the Red Blue Green meet loaded on her Waves picture website:  2011waves.shutterfly.com

Check...   more

 posted by: on 8/4/11 6:50 AM
Not Affiliated With The Woodlands Township

 This website is produced by a Woodlands Waves swim parent as a volunteer service for the purpose of communicating important information and dates...   more

Team Sponsors ...  

Sterling Ridge Orthopedics and Sports Medicine



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